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#1 Deck Solid Color Wood Stain


  • Maximum protection against damaging UV rays
  • Available Colors: Simply White, Driftwood Gray, Classic Taupe, Light Walnut, Dark Walnut, Dark Cocoa
  • Wood Stain & Sealer: use on all wood types
  • Water-based, easy cleanup
  • Covers 100-150 sq. ft. (2 coats)
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#1Deck Solid Color Stain

#1Deck Solid Color Wood Stain is an advanced, water-based, solid color stain formulated to offer maximum protection and longevity. This deck paint provides a beautiful matte finish and protects wood from harmful UV rays and damage caused by water penetration. #1 Deck solid color wood paint is safe to use, has a low odor, and is easy to clean up with soap and water.

#1 Deck Solid Color Wood Stain is an extremely durable synthetic-resin stain that helps protect against the damaging effects of water, fungi, and UV radiation on exterior wood surfaces. This ultra-low VOC, water-based product provides maximum protection for your wood by blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays, moisture and fungal growth.

When to Use Solid Color Stain

Step 1: Clean/Strip | Step 2: Brighten | Step 3: Stain

This product is step 3 of a 3-step process. Before staining, be sure to first clean the wood. Clean if the wood is new or the previous stain is no longer present. Also be sure to brighten the wood to prepare the wood for stain.

Where to Use Solid Color Stain

#1 Deck Solid Color Wood Stain can be used on any interior or exterior horizontal and vertical wood surfaces including:

  • decks,
  • wood siding
  • log homes
  • fences
  • outdoor wood furniture
  • barns
  • playsets
  • pressure treated wood
  • all other natural wood surfaces

How to Use Solid Color Stain


  1. First, clean, and brighten wood.
  2. Mix solid stain well.
  3. Protect the surrounding area.
  4. Apply using brush, roller, or airless sprayer.
  5. Apply two coats. Allow first coat to dry before applying second coat.
  6. Allow at least 24 hours dry time before use.
  7. Clean all materials immediately after with soap and water.

Full instructions:

New wood?:

Allow new pressure treated lumber to weather for 3 months to adequately dry out prior to application.

Clean wood:

All wood surfaces must be clean, porous, and dry before applying #1 Deck Advanced Solid Color Wood Stain. Use #1 Deck Wood Cleaner to remove mill glaze, mildew, graying and other foreign matter that might block surface pores and interfere with product penetration. Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose or power washer (maximum 1200 p.s.i.).

Brighten wood:

While surface is still wet from cleaning or stripping, use #1 Deck Wood Brightener to neutralize the wood, restore the wood to its natural color, and open the pores of the wood, allowing the stain to be more easily absorbed.

Weather conditions:

Surface and air temperatures should be between 45°F and 95°F. Avoid application in direct sunlight. Do not apply to wet or water saturated surfaces, or when rain is expected within 12 hours. Stain may be applied to wood surfaces the same day as cleaning and brightening as long as surface is visibly dry before staining.

Mix well:

Shake or stir contents before and periodically during use. To ensure absolute color uniformity from container to container, mix at least one third of the product from a used container with the contents of a new one. Do not thin product.

Protect adjacent areas:

Use plastic, cardboard, and/or drop cloths to protect all adjacent non-targeted surfaces such as siding, windows, masonry, plant life, etc. from overspray and runoff. Immediately remove overspray from non-targeted areas with soap and water. Overspray that is allowed to dry will be difficult to remove; dried product cannot be removed from concrete and masonry.

Use the right equipment:

Hand brushes should be high quality nylon or polyester. A paint roller may also be used. If using an airless sprayer, use tips between .013 and .015, and use the lowest pressure that achieves a uniform spray pattern to minimize fogging and overspray.

Using solid color wood paint on decks:

Start by applying #1 Deck Advanced Solid Color Wood Stain to the railings, benches, and undersides of upper level decks. Proper application requires 2 coats of product be applied, waiting for the first coat to dry before applying the second. Brush out all overspray, drips, etc. prior to them drying. Once all vertical surfaces have been treated with two coats of stain proceed to treating horizontal surfaces.

Drying time:

To touch, one to two hours depending on temperature and humidity. Allow 24 hours for deck to completely cure before using. High humidity and lower temperatures can increase dry time.

Clean up:

Clean tools and equipment immediately after each use with soap and water.


With two coats, one gallon of #1 Deck Advanced Solid Color Wood Stain will cover approximately 100 – 150 sq. ft., depending on wood texture and porosity.

Advantages of Solid Color Stain

  • Maximum protection available
  • Completely hides wood grain
  • Protects wood from graying, fading, & mildew
  • Resists peeling
  • Can be used on both horizontal and vertical wood surfaces
  • Soap and water clean-up


800 S 7th St. Richmond, IN 47374

For more information, see the datasheet for #1 Deck Solid Color Wood Stain.

Note: Due to variations in computer monitors and printers, the colors shown may not match the actual color. Additionally, the actual and perceived color of stain that has been applied to wood surfaces may be affected by factors such as absorption rates, application techniques, and the wood’s natural color and grain tones.

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