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New Decks Should Be Weathered

New Decks should be Weathered

Why Should I Season My Deck:

Believe it or not, new decks should not be stained right after they’re built. It’s common to allow a deck to Season or Weather for 6-12 months, leaving the wood raw and exposed to the elements; allowing new wood to dry. New wood is very high in moisture and mill glaze, preventing the stain from soaking in. Unless the lumber is KDAT lumber (kiln dried after treatment). This type of wood is dried before it is sold. Most decks use cedar, redwood, or pine so seasoning/weathering is a necessity.


Risk of Not Weathering/Seasoning:

If you do not wait and you decide to stain new wood too soon it can cause complications down the road. Essentially when a stain is applied too soon, moisture is being locked in the wood. This trapped moisture can cause extensive mold and mildew problems for the wood. This can quickly develop into wood rot and decay. In a worst case scenario, the wood can deteriorate rapidly due to moisture and lose its structural integrity. Staining prior to proper seasoning can mean premature costly repairs and replacements.

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